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Wayanadan Harvest Producer Company Ltd. is a startup food manufacturing and processing company in Kerala, God’s own nation, and is based in Wayanad, the hill land of taste and beauty. We all know that Wayanad is known for its natural beauty and nutritious meals. Wayanad is a natural gift, rich in spices, tea, and coffee, among other things. In addition, it is a well-known tourist destination. Wayanad Organic Research was founded with the goal of offering healthy and natural food products of the highest quality to our clients. Everyone enjoys eating nutritious, high-quality cuisine, and we have something for everyone.

To ensure that our clients have something new and exciting to look forward to, the brand ” Wayanadan Harvest ” continually delivers natural and healthy food products. Our main goal is to foster a quality-assured, healthy food culture, and we have a technologically advanced infrastructure in place to make that happen. We also exercise extreme caution and adhere to strict quality assurance standards to ensure that each package of Wayanadan Harvest’s food product you get is subjected to multiple quality inspections before being delivered to you. We at Wayanad organic research, collect the spices and food materials directly from the farmers and after packing and quality check, deliver it to our customers.

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Our mission to create a sustainable environment
of True Wellness, and bringing health, happiness and satisfaction to our customers

What we offers? Best natural products economically to All




Why choose us

All our products support health and True Wellness and are made with loving care. Each product is one link in a chain of connectedness between.Mother Nature, our farmers and you. By choosing WAYANADAN HARVEST you are completing this chain, actively participating in our mission to create a sustainable environment of True Wellness, providing training and a life of dignity to our farmers,and bringing health, happiness and True Wellness to you.All of our farmers and Suppliers are educated in organic and biodynamic agricultural practices.Farming families are supported by a sustainable income, while at the sametime improving and preserving their own health and natural environment.

100 + Organic Products

5+ Countries

500+ Friendly Farmers

Who love my work

At the heart of Wayanadan harvest is our commitment to be a living embodiment of
love and consciousness in action. We work with lot of small farmers in India
and UAE to cultivate sustainable organic farmland.

It's a very good dashboard and we are really liking the product . We've done some things, like migrate to TS and implementing a react useContext api, to fit our job methodology but the product is one of the best in terms of design and application architecture. The team did a really good job.
Arjun Krishna 22 Oct, 2021
Customer support is realy fast and helpful the desgin of this theme is looks amazing also the code is very clean and readble realy good job !
Sheeba Mary 8 Sep, 2021
Got a few questions after purchasing the product. The owner responded very fast and very helpfull. Overall the code is excellent and works very good. 5/5 stars!
Jacob John 21 Sep, 2021
Precious products with precious minded people
Sabu ramachandran 17 Oct, 2021